Golden Gigs: The Rebirth Session

by Jae Jewlah

San Leandro – Since the start of May, the Golden Gigs team has hosted three rounds of auditions for dancers seeking a spot in our upcoming event, “The Rebirth”. On June 13th, the most recent round was held. Several dancers turned out, all with the clear intention in earning their keep. The importance of the situation could not be better stressed. Claiming a spot in the show means an incredible opportunity at some unique prizes. However, these won’t be an easy feat. Each performer will be competing against the most talented dancers of the Bay Area. All who make it in “The Rebirth” earn a chance at greatness.

Many dancers were there to prove why they deserve being in the show. Allowing their talent to do the talking, new moves were spewed out before the camera crew. The best part about all of these dancers is their raw talent. The routines they performed were intended to simply get them past the auditions. Their real shutdown moves will come out at the main event.

Some dancers were looking for a battle, calling out familiar names during intimate conversations. Making claims that they had more moves then the next, but it was all in fun. The competition any dancer seeks out is of course to prove his or her greatness, but never to disrespect anyone.

This session presented several new dancers with the opportunity to make their first impression. Astro Kid and Smooth are two new contenders with huge potential. They’re each just 12 years old and are clearly perfecting their craft. Their young age is definitely not something that can be used against them. Should they remain as dedicated as they were at the session, their talent will only improve. Put simply, these two rookies should not be overlooked.

So far, four dancers have made it in “Golden Gigs: The Rebirth”. Three familiar faces: Retro, Chonkie, and E-ninja as well as a new player, The Crow. The Crow has only been dancing for a few months, and already he’s developed his own style. He is unquestionably a worthy opponent of his established competitors… but will he have what it takes to be the next Golden Gigs champ?

Guess you’ll just have to come to “The Rebirth” to find that out.


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